Home Coming Summer Program – ASIRPA

Indonesia Focus Conference

October 21, 2023
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Home Coming Summer Program

Home Coming Summer Program (HCSP) is teaching and learning activities undertaken by the academics, scientists, and professionals who remain domiciled in foreign countries during the summer season.

ASIRPA cooperate with universities in developing and conducting lectures and training, particularly in Indonesia.

The purpose of Homecoming Summer Program is to improve the human capital of Indonesia through lectures and training activities using faculty members/professionals from foreign countries.

The teaching staff are Indonesian citizens living outside Indonesia, so that with their experience of lectures and training programs will be developed to reach the quality education of international standard. In the long run, this program will also involve foreign nationals who are recommended by the organizers.

ASIRPA have contacted the academics, researchers, and professionals who live in foreign countries, in this case in the United States, to the possibility of providing summer course.