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Indonesia Focus 2013
Pittsburgh, November 1-2, 2013


ASIRPA (Asian Society for International Relations and Public Affairs) is pleased to announce Indonesia Focus 2013 conference in Pittsburgh, PA, USA - November 1-2, 2013.

This conference aims to identify human and social capital that may contribute to the economic growth of Indonesia. Despite the steady economic growth, Indonesia has been showing little signs of improvements in human and social infrastructures such as education, health, law and regulation, and intellectual property rights. In this conference, focus will be given to discuss issues, facts, and roles of human and social capital in the economic development.

The conference topics include following areas :

1.Improving human capital investment:
  • Reshaping policies and practices in health and education
  • Nurturing human capital via advancement in industry and technology
  • Roles of religion and cultural traditions in improving the components of human capital
2.Investment in social capital:
  • Structural issues in laws and its enforcement with respect to Good governance, Anti-corruption, and Banking system
  • The importance of market regulations and its implementation in business and labor markets
  • Improving social capital through strengthening cultures: cooperation, trust, reciprocity, and interfaith cooperation.
  • Establishing intellectual property rights to promote ideas, innovation, research and development as well as nurturing entrepreneurship
  • The functions of religious institutions in promoting social stability

The  participant should submit no more than 250-words abstract for review. The abstract must state the research problem, methodology, facts and findings, and expected research contribution/impact in the related field of study. Please stay tuned for further details for the submission of the abstract.

Important Dates :
Abstract Submission:  June 30, 2013
Acceptance Notification:  July 15, 2013
Full Paper Submission:       October 14,2013

REGISTRATION  FEES (Online payment info will be coming up soon)
Conference Fees : $ 50
Proceeding Fees : $ 20 (by request)
Please visit to submit your paper/abstract !!


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Derived from a thoughtful observation and long-standing discussion, we have decided to establish an organization aimed at fostering education and training, human empowerment, social and cultural exchange, and poverty alleviation.

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