Programs – ASIRPA

Indonesia Focus Conference

October 21, 2023
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga


Training and Educational Program

1. Provides broad range of high value assistant programs to seek non degree and degree (undergraduate, graduate, post doctorate) program in North America’s colleges and universities.

2. Commits to the welfare of the students and the stakeholders. It will also provide continuous communication with the students’ home base institutions and their stakeholders.

3. Maintains continuous assistant during the course of the program.

4. Provides scholarship information and acquisition

Economic and Public Welfare

1. Provides high value economic and public welfare advisory programs.

2. Designs and introduces innovative economic and public welfare research and development programs.

3. Improves community well being through training and educational in public welfare.

Support cultural understanding initiatives

1. Investigates and communicates common misunderstanding sources between Indonesia and America.

2. Bridges cultural differences between Indonesian and American society.

3. Generates actions to minimize common stereotypes and promote understanding between Indonesian and American society.

4. Promotes exchange programs.

Human Empowerment

1. Provides broad range of high value human empowerment assistance and placement programs.

2. Provides special training and workshop for knowledge and skill enhancement.

3. Provides job placement information opportunities.