Indonesia Focus Conference

September 15 - 16, 2017
University of Kentucy

Agriculture Science Center North Bldg.,
1100 S Limestone St.,
Lexington, KY 40536


Board of Trustees:

Dr. Kustim Wibowo
Bambang Sutardjo
Dr. Ahmad Syamil
Pribadi Kardono
Joko Supriyanto

Executive Officers:

Dr. Nurhaya Muchtar (President)
Dr. Kustim Wibowo (Treasurer)
Mr. Pribadi Kardono & Ms. Anindayu Pradetha (Public Relations)
Dr. Rachmadian Wulandana & Derry Wijaya (Mentoring and Training)
Dr. Ivan Stefano (Journal of Indonesia Focus)

Indonesia Focus 2015 Conference

Nurhaya Muchtar (Conference Committee Chair)
Dr. Adrian Rodgers (Host Site Committee Chair)