We have made the best arrangement for you to engage in our activities by associating yourself in these following membership categories. Please click one of the category below:


1. Excellency is assigned to individual who pledges a substantial amount of monetary or non-monetary contribution that significantly supports the organizational sustainability.


2. Honorary shall be comprised of the Past Directors of ASIRPA, who shall automatically be awarded this membership. Member of this category must pay membership dues.


3. Fellow shall be comprise those with exceptional distinction due to their outstanding and extraordinary qualifications, experience, and accomplishment for the organization who have been members of ASIRPA for at least 10 years, and are voting members at the time of their election to this grade.


4. Regular shall meet the following criteria:

• Have a good character as supported by existing member, fellow, and honorary,

• Have fulfilled the mandatory membership dues and fees, and

• Have earned a minimum associate degree in any field.


5. Affiliate shall be individuals whose affiliation supports the goals of ASIRPA, but who do not meet the requirements for Regular Member. Member of this class must pay membership dues.


6. Student shall comprise those who, at the time of application, are students of colleges, high schools, and middle schools. Member of this class must pay membership dues.


Please send your payment check payable to ASIRPA to:

Joko Supriyanto

6025 Sandstone Drive

Madison, WI 53719


Paypal: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



News From Our Partners

Universitas Hasanuddin Digaet ASIRPA

Di AS, telah lama didirikan sebuah perkumpulan yang dinamakan ASIRPA. Nama komunitas ini merupakan singkatan dari Asian Society International Relations And Public Affair, Indiana, Pensylvania, USA. Ternyata, perkumpulan tersebut didirikan dan beranggotakan warga negara Indonesia. Komunitas ini didirikan dengan misi meningkatkan SDM dan kemajuan perekonomian Indonesia. Warga Indonesia yang belajar di USA akan diberi bantuan untuk beradaptasi serta sejumlah fasilitas kemudahan lainnya. Hal tersebut dijelaskan oleh Presiden ASIRPA, Prof Dr. Kustim Wibowo ketika bertandang ke kampus Universitas Hasanuddin, Senin (14/12) di Ruang Rapat A Gedung Rektorat.