Medical Intelligence: The New Era of Medical Decision Support System


Medical Intelligence: The New Era of Medical Decision Support System.


In early 1990s, many Decision Support experts were developed with knowledgebase which are acquired from medical experts, and their performance was almost as good as actual experts. However, they were not frequently used mainly due to the poor user interface and the lack in learning new knowledge. However, the solutions of these two problems have been introduced late 1990s. For the last problem, Medical Intelligence has provided several solutions, and for the interface problem, the rapid progress of web technologies enables us to implement a good graphical user interface. Furthermore, recent advances in computer resources strengthen these two solutions.

In this presentation, we focus on the benefit of the system. The recent advances in web technologies were used for an efficient interface of medical expert system. Then, the system was put on the internet to provide an intelligent decision support in Medicine and have been utilized by physician. The results show that such an internet-based medical decision support enables physician to take a quick action to the applied previously stored solution on patience care.