Employee Satisfaction Measurement

Employee is one of the most important assets in an organization. In order to achieve continuous improvement, a company should manage people in a good manner. Thus, companies that apply a better human resource management and employee measurement tend to have higher performance than other organizations.  One helpful method to manage people is establishing employee measurement. Understanding employee satisfaction drivers and making a people policy based on the key priorities are the best way to satisfy their need. Therefore, this paper tries to explore employee satisfaction measurement and its potential drivers as well as some approaches to select the key priorities of employee’s continuous improvement.

Based on its causes, employee satisfaction drivers can be classified into two groups, internal and external drivers. In addition, there are three categorizes  to set the key priorities of employee improvement, explicit importance, the importance-performance analysis and the revised importance-performance analysis. Each categorize has its unique characteristic and requires specific assumptions in order to be able to apply in a certain condition.